International Biometric Congress 2017 (ang.)

Reduta Banku Polskiego | 27 september 2017 yr.

International Biometric Congress 2017 (ang.)

The International Biometric Congress (IBC) is an international conference on the use of biometrics in banking. It is the largest conference on this subject in Central and Eastern Europe.

Polska wersja

This year, the main topic of the International Biometric Congress it was role of biometrics in digital transformation of a bank.

Our speakrs:

  • Simon Binns, Commercial Director, Sthaler (FingoPay)
  • Shameet Shah, Vice President – Digital Client Access, Barclays Corporate Banking


Admission for representatives of banks, SKOK’s and academic community is free of charge.


Organisational matters:

Marta Rakowska

tel. (22) 627 59 64


Contact for sponsors and company participants:


Centrum Prawa Bankowego i Informacji (Banking Law and Information Centre)

Education and Marketing Centre

Solec 101/5 , Warsaw

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